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Join me on this journey as we channel the power of music and breath into a healing frequency that will guide you to a deeper level of your being. This 10-day emotionally therapeutic workshop, will tap deep into your intuition and connect you to your heart’s truest desires.  Oftentimes we get lost in the vortex of life; with long to-do lists, maintaining relationships, and demanding work schedules, we can end up feeling depleted and alone.  Within us, there is a path out of this cycle!  This path can restore our childlike wonder and passion for life.  In this workshop you will find 10 days worth of journal inquiries and breathing exercises which are followed by musical meditations. This experience will guide you to the voice of your soul, and a higher level of emotional intelligence.  Sometimes we just have to quiet down and listen.  In just 10 days, you will experience shifts in your energy, thoughts, and actions.  Once you have been reintroduced to your truest self, these techniques will help you stay connected and allow the voice of your soul, once again, to be revealed.