Music has always been a big part of my life. For the past decade I have been a touring musician. Life on the road was not an easy one for me. As the years went by, the physical pain from long distance traveling and high energy performances started to take a major toll on my body. I also put an incredible amount of mental energy into my music career just to keep it all organized and steadily moving. I was addicted to working, and hustling for my own sense of worthiness. Through many years of sleep deprivation, I lost my memory. I could no longer ignore my pain. All of this pain was a blessing however because it lead me to the path of yoga. I wanted to learn more about how to heal my body and mind so I ended up completing a 500 hour yoga teacher training at Full Circle Yoga School in the Florida Keys. Through these ancient yogic practices I have gone through a major healing of my mind, body, and spirit. I feel good in my physical body and have restored my memory. Through the practice of meditation I was able to clearly identify the voice of my ego, and the voice of my soul. I could see how my ego was really hurting me. This idea that I was separate from everyone and everything was a dangerous illusion as it lead me to my own selfish desires.

My focus now is to deliver music as a form of healing for people. Through mindful movement, breath regulation, meditation, and music, I know I can offer you an experience of deep transformation. We are all one energy from the same source. Come breath with me.

Photography by Christophe LosbergerĀ