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2016_BluesRules_MollyGene_amdophoto_HiRes01Photography by Amdo Photo

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band has been performing solo for the last seven years or so, recording and issuing albums (five to date), and organizing endless tours that eventually got her noticed in Europe.

Finally, after touring Europe and recording a live disc in Switzerland she came home to roost a few years ago, but continued to ramble. All of this is not that atypical except for the particular musical species that Molly Gene has cultivated.

Her sound is a raucous, bluesy map of her journey so far.


Photography by Aaron Bowen

Keeping her music and her lifestyle simple and self-contained, she planted her flag on the edge of the blues — as close to soul as to rock as possible — and created what she calls Delta Thrash.

-Inside Columbia Magazine, Kevin Walsh

Contact: booking@mollygenemusic.com

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Photography by Aaron Bowen