What does “One Whoaman Band” mean? Well, you’ve got to hear and see Molly Gene in action to really understand what this label means. From her earth-shaking foot drum stomps to her distorted guitar slides that recall blues, heavy metal, and a whole lot more in between, this Missouri-based singer-songwriter is bringing independence to a whole new level.

Molly tour pic

Molly first started to write and perform her own music while in high school. She turned her musical hobbies into a career when she was just 20. Now, with seven years of writing, performing, and constant touring under her belt, she has turned into one of the most promising voices of today’s budding One Person Band scene.


In just a short time, she released  two critically acclaimed albums: 2010’s Hillbilly Love and 2011’s Folk Blues and Booze. Along with her acclaim and growing fan base, Molly has toured with several renowned artists, including Scott H. Biram, Joe Buck Yourself, and the legendary Bob Log III. Her fame has also spread overseas, touring 7 different countries in Europe in just a few years. Add to that a multitude of festivals, a live album and lots of hard work. It’s no wonder that she’s been hailed as “a true musical ‘force of nature’ to be reckoned with.”


Molly is currently working on new music and planning to bring more of her music on the road and overseas. She will be touring France, Spain, and Italy in 2015, offering plenty of bottleneck slides and foot-drum action to boot. So be sure to check out Molly Gene: One Whoaman Band. Whether you see her in a dive bar, an arena, or just busking on the streets of your hometown, you’re sure to be blown away by this truly original “Delta Thrasher.” – Justin Stover, Blue Collar Songwriter