New Album! – Trailer Tracks

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I’ve driven a lot of roads these last few years. Walked into a lot of rooms with a couple of old guitars and my footdrum, plugged in a beat up amp, and did my best to channel those old blues men and women that first inspired me so long ago. I sing about what they sang about—love, loss, desire, loneliness, redemption. As authentic as I can. Often times as loud and as hard as I can. A modern interpretation—what I have affectionately called delta thrash.

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This past year has been a year of transition for me. I took some time off from touring. I returned to my modest trailer that sits in the shadow of the old turkey barns on my family’s farm, the place my brother taught me my first chords. I thought about where I was in my life. And where I might want to go. And, as it often goes for me, I thought about music. About those old blues artists. Singing those old tunes full of lyrical imagery—hard fields, sweaty juke joints, lonesome roads in the embered darkness. They were raw and authentic and spoke to a time before modern technology had invaded every corner of our lives. I was inspired. After all those miles of road, I had returned to my roots back on the farm, and I felt the need to journey back with my music to that primal inspiration as well. A place my mind had always resided, but my hands had yet to learn how to play. And so I bought an old dobro and started to pick out those first tunes with my fingers. Traditional blues numbers by heavyweight artists like Mississippi Fred Mcdowell, Jessie Mae Hemphill, and Willie Brown, and traditional spirituals like “Amazing Grace” and “Lay My Burden Down”.

This new album is my tribute to those artists and to that first inspiration. It is my journey back to the beginning. It was recorded in single takes in my trailer. No fancy equipment, nothing erased, nothing lost. Trailer Tracks. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed learning it.

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Photography by Aaron Bowen

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